Ultrawide vs Dual Monitor Setup: Which is Best for Gaming

For a long time, Dual Monitor setup has been the gamer’s favorite choice to play games. However, with the advancement, new technologies have started to appear, replacing the contemporary ones. With that said, Ultrawide Monitor has started to replace the Dual Monitor setup. Well, that does not mean that the dual monitor setup has become unworthy of your attention.  

Whether you talk about Ultrawide gaming setup or Dual Monitor gaming setup, both come with their set of merits and demerits. The choice between these two setups depends on what type of games you are fond of playing and what sort of work you do. Let’s get into the details.

What are Ultrawide Gaming Monitors?

An Ultrawide Gaming Monitor is that kind of monitor that comes with a wider screen. The resolution of an ultrawide gaming monitor is also denoted as WQHD which means Wide Quad HD resolution. The aspect ratio of an ultrawide gaming monitor is 21:9 instead of 16:9.

The ultrawide gaming monitors ask for more space on the desk due to their build quality. One more thing that you will see in most of the ultrawide gaming monitors and is the Curved display. Because they come with a Wide display, your eyes struggle to watch the content at the corner. The curved display makes things easy to watch on an ultrawide gaming monitor.

No matter whether you are doing work, or playing games, or watching movies, an ultrawide gaming monitor presents the whole picture and the details are completely visible to you. Especially, when it comes to gaming, they offer gamers a lead by providing a wider field of view and immersive gaming experience.


When we are talking about Ultrawide gaming monitors, we are also taking curved monitors with us. There are no flat ultrawide monitors. You will always find at least 1800R curvature with an ultrawide gaming monitor. If curved is not your preference, you should not consider an ultrawide gaming monitor. Otherwise, Ultrawide is something that is really worth the buck. Will talk about it later in this post.

What is Dual Monitor Setup?

As the name indicates, Dual Monitor set up is the set up where users use two monitors setup side by side. Dual Monitors are the perfect option if you are looking for a widescreen monitor. Dual monitors allow you to multitask at the same time which saves your time and boosts your productivity. For instance, if you are supposed to write a document, the dual monitor setup can be helpful.

On one monitor, you can write the information you are supposed to write while the other monitor can be used to research the information. Well, just imagine, if you want to watch a video while doing your work, a Dual Monitor setup is a good choice. But you need extra gears for a Dual setup, you will not get a seamless experience. If you are a coder who is writing codes on one screen and rendering the code on another screen still makes sense but for gamers, it is not the best option available.

Ultrawide Monitors Vs Dual Monitor Setup for Gaming

Let’s figure out the difference between using Ultrawide Monitors and Dual Monitor Setup so that you can decide which one is suitable for you:

  • Aspect Ratio – Ultrawide Monitors and Dual Monitor setup differs when it comes to aspect ratio. Ultrawide monitors feature an aspect ratio of 21:9 whereas Dual Monitor features an aspect ratio of 16:9. If you don’t know what aspect ratio means, for the time being just know that 21:9 will wider image on your screen as compared to a monitor that features a 16:9 aspect ratio. So, if your works need you to witness great details, ultrawide monitors are a great alternative. Here are some good gaming monitors suitable for dual monitor setup.
  • Curved vs Flat – Most of the Ultrawide gaming monitors feature a curved screen while you can have a flat-screens with a dual monitor setup. It can make a noticeable difference in your experience. A curved display gives you a natural viewing angle that is accustomed by the human eye while a flat-screen doesn’t give you the depth of view. Things get ugly when you are using a big-size monitor with a flat display. Here are the best curved gaming monitors you can consider.
  • Panel –  There is another thing that is to be taken care of and that is Panel. When it comes to panels on a gaming monitor, most gamers, video editors, photo editors preferred the IPS panel because of its properties. You can easily get a gaming monitor with an IPS panel that has a 16:9 aspect ratio but there are a few Ultrawide gaming monitors that come with an IPS panel. Most ultrawide monitors come with a VA panel which is good for gaming performance but colors would not be as good as IPS panels. So, if IPS are only you want, you can consider LG 34GP83A-B or Alienware AW3420DW. Both are ultrawide gaming monitors with IPS Panel. Other than that, you can consider Dual monitors with IPS panels.
  • Convenience – Talking about ease of use, Ultrawide comes in handy. You see, on a dual gaming monitor setup, you have to adjust the brightness, contrast, and other settings on both monitors. Moreover, you have to buy 2 same monitors otherwise there would be a visible difference in the picture quality of both monitors. If you have different purposes for both monitors in a dual monitor setup, then it is fine but if you want extended vision, you need to tweak the settings on both monitors. Along with that, a dual monitor setup also needs extra space for dual arms, cables. If you have good space on your desk and you want 2 monitors for completely different tasks or programs, you can go for a dual monitor setup.
  • Display Orientation – This is for a very specific group of people. There are Coders, Youtubers, Authors, Proofreaders, Scriptwriters, who might need the Vertical Orientation of a monitor, in that case, we would not recommend ultrawide gaming monitors. Get a normal 16:9 monitor and change its orientation to portrait or landscape. Also, make sure, you get a good monitor arm that can be adjustable in any manner for your convenience. Ultrawide monitor on the other is a little bit of a pain when it comes to changing the orientation to portrait from the landscape.
  • Gaming – When it comes to gaming, you want to have the best experience possible. With a dual monitor setup, you can experience a good gaming session. However, it does not mean that ultrawide gaming monitors are not ideal for gaming. You get a wider view which ultimately gives the immersive experience. The only thing that is not in favor is the game compatibility. There are not many games yet that natively support the 21:9 aspect ratio which means you might be limiting yourself when it comes to gaming. You will see black bars on both sides. If you zoom in the screen to cut out the black sides, you lose the frame, and stretching makes things even worse for gaming.

  • Everyday Use – For everyday use like web browsing, movies, tv shows, casual gaming, we would recommend you to buy an ultrawide monitor since it offers a realistic and immersive experience. Also, knowing that setting up an ultrawide monitor is easy is quite comforting. While setting up the ultrawide monitor, you don’t have to fumble around with the cables. 

Ultrawide Vs Dual Monitors: Which is best for Gaming?

Well, if you were wondering about which setup is better, the answer is really subjective. Depending upon what your purpose is, whether you want to play games or edit videos or photos, the choice to choose the setup will vary.

If you want to play games only, dual gaming monitors are an ideal choice. All the games natively support the 16:9 aspect ratio. If the game you want to play supports a 21:9 aspect ratio, an Ultrawide gaming monitor is no harm as you would get the best gaming performance & experience. Dual monitors are also good to go if you have enough space for a monitor arm, cables.

For those who are looking to buy a gaming monitor for console gaming, here are some buying guides for you:



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