How to start a Gaming Channel on Youtube


For gamers, nothing would match the lifestyle of playing games and making a living out of the same. Streaming, as you would have heard, is the new trend in the world of gaming where the gamers interact with the audience while playing their favorite games. The trend has become so mainstream that more and more gamers are being a part of it. However, to carve out a niche for yourself in this gaming world, you will need to have the right gears that will offer a professional-looking setup. 


When it comes to streaming, YouTube is one of the best platforms to stream games online. With the right set of tools and strategies, it is not hard to make an impression for yourself. Read on to figure out the things you need for streaming and how to create a gaming channel on YouTube.

Things You Need For Game Streaming Channel

When it comes to streaming and making living out of it, there are a bunch of essentials you will need to stock on. So, if you are one of the aspiring streamers, looking forward to pursuing your passion for streaming, here’s the list of the gears you will need to have:

A Webcam

Having a good webcam can help you in interacting with your fam and impact your streaming session. Thus, it becomes inevitable to find a high-quality webcam so your subscribers, or better say, online family, can view you clearly. There are a bunch of great options out there, up for grabs. A good quality webcam will allow your audience to engage with you in a better way, and they can clearly see your reaction.


Definitely, it is worth having a great webcam when it comes to streaming and you can’t overlook the importance of this gear. Any Logitech Webcam with Full HD at 60FPS recording will work great for your setup. If budget is not an issue, you can even go for 4K but you really don’t need it.


Apart from making your visual presence online, a streamer needs to connect with the audience and that’s only possible with the help of a microphone. A good microphone will allow you to interact with your audience in a crystal, clear voice. Today’s best microphone offers better sound quality and blocks outside noise. When it comes to the microphone, there are plenty of options up for grabs and allows you to tweak the settings when you are streaming. This way you can keep your audience engaged and entertained.

Make sure you pick a microphone with Cardioid Polar Pattern. The cardioid polar pattern doesn’t catch the ambient sounds and only captures what is in front. Along with Microphone, also get a pop filter to remove airy voices. If you don’t have any idea about microphones, here is our Microphone buying guide that will help you out in picking the best microphone for you. You can also check our lists of best microphones for gaming below:

A Great Gaming Chair

It is important that your setup includes a great gaming chair. Since you will be spending hours sitting on it, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable every minute of streaming. Not only comfort but it also keeps the body posture accurate so that you don’t feel muscle stiffness after the streaming session. A Gaming chair is different from a traditional chair since it lets you adjust the height and position of your body and offers extreme comfort when compared with traditional chairs.

The ergonomic design of the gaming chair keeps the body in position, supports the back, arms, and head, maintaining the proper blood flow while you are sitting for a long duration of time. So, it is a good idea to have a gaming chair. Here is our gaming chair buying guide.

Check out our recommendations for best Gaming chairs:

Good Gaming Monitor

When it comes to streaming, you don’t want to skimp on setting up your monitor right. It is a good idea to have two monitors set up. One is dedicated to your gameplay while the other one can be used to interact with your audience. Ask any professional streamer, they will tell you that it is better to have a dual monitor setup to not be distracted by notifications.


When we say good gaming monitor that means, it should be at least a 1440p 144hz gaming monitor. You can also go for a 240hz refresh rate gaming monitor. For the sake of a great experience, choose the gaming monitor with a 27-inch size. For power pack performance, make sure it comes with Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync compatibility.

Check out our Gaming Monitor section to see the best gaming monitors.

Powerful Gaming PC/Laptop

This is one of the important things you will need when you want to stream games online on Youtube. It is significant to have a capable gaming PC that won’t lag or drop frames when you are streaming your games online and there are millions of people watching your gameplay. Streaming games online put a lot of load on your PC which is why you need to make sure that it can handle any task that is put in front of it.


A powerful PC is a must-have when you want to stream games online. Do not compromise on that as your performance is being monitored by a lot of people and your PC must have to perform to its best. Start from basic and gradually update your rig with all the premium, powerful specs. Along with powerful specs, make sure your Windows 10 is optimized for gaming.

Here are some Gaming PC/Laptops recommendation from our side:

High-Speed Internet

A seamless and uninterrupted connection is needed for streaming games. Since you want to broadcast your streaming, it is imperative that you have high-speed Internet that won’t impact the quality of video when you are streaming games online. A weak broadband connection will degrade the video quality and as a streamer, this is something that you definitely don’t want at all.

Stream Deck


First thing first, this is not an essential thing for beginners. You really don’t need it but if you are growing and you have good numbers, Stream Deck will make things very easy for you. Stream Deck is like a control center of your whole streaming. With the press of 1 button, you will go live and with another press of the button, the automatic tweet will be live sharing the link of your streaming on social media platforms.

Similarly, with 1 press of a button, you can pause, stop the streaming, and whatnot. Elgato’s Stream Deck is a feasible option you can consider.

Here is what Stream Deck can do for you

Gaming Headphones

Gaming Headphones are for our gameplay and performance. A gaming headset is a comfortable way to listen to each and every sound in your gameplay. Things became serious when you are on the battlefield and you need to spot the enemy’s position. Using gaming headphone spatial sound effects, you will be able to spot the enemies in a better way. Also, it gives gaming vibes in the streaming frame. For a better sound experience, you can even go for Open back gaming headphones. Yes, open-back headphones are good for gaming, Here is how.

Check out our lists of best gaming headphones:

Good Lighting

Good lighting and good voice plays important role in Youtube. We already talked about Microphone for Voice and here is Lighting. A decent LED light or Ring light will serve the purpose. Use warm tone along with diffusers for better lighting effect. You can also add the play of RGB lights for background. Philips Hue bulbs are great options that you can also control using your smartphone.

How To Create A Channel On YouTube?

Well, if you have made up your mind to stream games online, it is time to create a YouTube channel. Creating YouTube is a simplified and straightforward process. Follow these instructions to create a YouTube Channel.

  • Sign in to your Google account. If you have not registered your account, you will first have to register your account and then sign in using the email address and password.
  • Now go to Youtube and sign in using your Google Account. On the top-right screen, under your profile, there is an option called ‘Your Channel’. Click there.
  • Now you have entered into your channel where you can create your channel’s name, customize it according to your choice. Click on Publish to make things in working.
  • Make sure to add basic information about your channel to give insight into your channel. Upload profile pictures, add a banner, and other branding elements that portray your channel.
  • Once you are ready with all the basics, it is time to go LIVE on Youtube. Or simply upload your first video.

Once you start uploading great content on Youtube, you will be able to monetize the LIVE stream on the Youtube channel and gradually, you will be able to earn good money from Youtube. You have to keep the patience and creating great content without taking care of money.

Best of luck with the New Youtube Gaming Channel: Your Turn

So, if you are into gaming, the world of gaming has been evolving. Streaming games has now become mainstream and there are already a bunch of professional streamers who are fueling their passion for gaming while keeping their audiences engaged and entertained. However, as a beginner, you will need to be a bit patient and have the right tools by your side. YouTube is one of the best platforms where your content will reach a wider audience and bring the result you want. The good thing is, you can make living out of it while playing games at home. We already have streamers making millions of dollars every year just by streaming on Youtube. Why Not You?

If you are thinking of starting a gaming channel on Youtube, this is the perfect time. Just do it right now.

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