What Is Motion Blur In Gaming?


The world of gaming is witnessing new technologies being emerged. The only purpose of this modern gaming technology is to improve your overall experience and make games better and realistic. With that said, Motion Blur Technology is the newest technology that intends to offer a lifelike experience to gamers. So, what exactly is Motion Blur? How does it impact your gameplay? Let’s find out answers to these questions below.

What Is Motion Blur?

Motion Blur is an effect that happens because of the fast movement of the object. To get a better insight into what exactly is Motion Blur, we take an example from our real world. Imagine, you want to click a photograph of a fast-moving car. Since your camera won’t be able to focus on the car because of the car’s fast-movement, it will only be able to capture the blurry image of the car. This effect is known as Motion Blur.


In other words, Motion Blur means the blurring of images when you or any other objects undergo a fast and rapid movement.

When it comes to gaming, Motion Blur is a graphic setting that blurs the environment depending upon the genre of gaming you are playing. So, the only reason why Motion Blur is added to gaming is because of the fact that they offer a realistic experience especially when it comes to racing Gaming.

How Motion Blur Impacts Your Gaming Performance?

Motion Blur has an impact on your gaming performance. To add a dash of realism to your gaming, Motion Blur was introduced but not everyone likes it in their gameplay.

When you enable Motion Blur in your gaming, the frame rates will drop. Most of the games will start to run slower and the performance will be lowered. Also, the fact that whether Motion Blur impacts your gaming or not will totally depend upon the games you play.

The implementation of Motion Blur drops the visual quality of gaming, and everything seems blurred and unattractive. Also, gamers will have trouble finding and tracking down their enemies if they are playing FPS games.

For instance, if the gamers don’t have powerful hardware, and have enabled Motion Blur in an FPS game, the performance will take a massive hit. Too much motion blur can degrade your experience since everything will become blurred which means you are going to have a hard time finding objects, tracking down your enemies. Your response time will be slowed down and aiming at your enemies while on the go will become an arduous task.

Should You Turn Motion Blur On or Off?

Well, if you are wondering whether you should turn motion blur On or Off, it totally depends upon your personal preference. If you are someone who plays competitive gaming, Motion Blur should be turned off for such games. When you enable motion blur while playing games like GTA V, Fortnite, your performance will take a serious hit.

On the other hand, if you play racing games like Need for Speed, Dirt, you can turn Motion Blur On since the focus is on the road ahead. Also, if you are playing a game with a storyline, there are strong chances that the developer might add a motion blur effect to show the sickness, unconsciousness of the character, or just as a visual effect while respawning and all. Turning Motion Blur off can also ruin the developer’s intention to give you an immersive experience.

All in all, motion blur is not that bad as it projected but if you don’t like it, you can turn it off. Motion blur depends on the games you play. You should try Motion Blur by yourself and then take the decision. There is no scientific answer to question of Motion Blur.

How To Turn Motion Blur On/Off?

If you have decided to no longer enable Motion Blur or you just wanted to turn on the Motion Blur while playing games, you can follow these basic instructions to turn off motion blur. For some games, this procedure might vary. Follow these instructions to turn off Motion Blur:

  • Open the Main Menu of the game.
  • Click on ‘Settings’ and ‘Select Graphics Settings’.
  • Once you have clicked on Graphics Settings, a menu will appear.
  • Select Motion Blur and turn it off.

Well, in some games, the option to disable the Motion Blur will appear in the form of a bar. Drag the bar to zero to turn off the motion blur. The procedure is to be followed in case if you want to enable Motion Blur. Also, check how to change the refresh rate of the gaming monitor.

What is Motion Blur: Conclusion

At last, it can be concluded that using Motion Blur or not is solely your choice. If you are someone who prioritizes performance over quality, you would want to turn Motion Blur off. On the other hand, if you want realistic graphics and want to indulge in a lifelike gaming experience, it is a good idea to turn it on. However, you must ensure that your gaming machine has got powerful hardware as well so your performance won’t drop significantly. Most of the gamers find it good to turn motion blur off.

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