How To Setup Gaming Desk From Scratch?

Planning a new gaming desk? Here is how you can setup a brand new gaming desk from scratch. We have mentioned some of the best things you need for the best gaming desk.

Gaming has found its way into the lives of people as one of the most fascinating things to rejuvenate themselves after a long day. Besides that, if you have got a perfect gaming setup, nothing can deter you from having a pleasant and lifetime of experience. No matter whether you are a newbie or a professional gamer, the essence of gaming lies in the right accessories of gaming. So, if you are looking forward to setting up a new gaming desk from scratch, this article has got you covered. Here are the tips that you will need to follow to set up a powerful and ultimate gaming desk at home.

1. Gaming Desk

Let’s begin with the gaming desk. If you already have a desk lying around, you can definitely use that one but if you are looking to get a new one especially for a Gaming setup, make sure it is designed for gamers. The dedicated gaming desk comes with a cable management system, cup holder, headphone stand. Moreover, you will also find enough space to keep your gaming accessories and peripherals in an organized manner. You can easily keep your gaming monitor, gaming Case, controllers, and other things that matter to your performance. So, if you don’t have a desk already, investing in a dedicated gaming desk is always a wise decision.

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2. Gaming Laptop

A dedicated gaming laptop is good enough to complete your gaming desk. You can definitely equip your favorite gaming peripherals with a gaming laptop but if you are someone who travels or miss gaming session, a Gaming Laptop is all you need. The latest gaming laptops come with the latest Intel 10th Gen processors that deliver the top-notch, PC like gaming performance. Things get better when you get Nvidia’s latest GPUs. You will get a PC gaming experience while on the go.

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3. Selecting the Right Monitor


The monitor is one of the essential and inevitable gaming accessories. Having the right monitor is the key to setting up an ultimate gaming desk. A gaming monitor must have high refresh rates, support high resolution,and eliminate the screen-tearing along with input lag. Today, you will be able to find gaming monitors that support 4K resolution and also feature various games-oriented programs to give you an edge over your competitors.

These gaming monitors show accurate and consistent colors along with improved response time. All these features when combined together provide you with the most ultimate gaming monitor. You can either choose from IPS, VA, or TN Panel Monitors. If you are wondering about the price of this gaming monitor, you would not have to spend hundreds of bucks on buying them. Overwhelming choices are up for grabs – with different specifications and price tags. You can choose gaming monitors with 144 Hz Refresh Rate, 240Hz Refresh Rate or Curved Monitors, and more. Having the right gaming monitor should be on your radar if you are planning to set up the right gaming desk from scratch.

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Instead of Monitor, a lot of PC, as well as Console gamers, are moving towards TVs for Gaming. You can enjoy games on big display with more pixels which ultimately gives you better picture quality. We have some good recommendations for Gaming TV as well. Here are the best TV for Gaming you can consider:

4. Right Gaming Headset


Another key consideration is having the right gaming headset. A gaming headset will totally redefine your gaming experience. Having the right gaming headset that features noise-cancellation technology will have you focussed right on your screen and avoid all the distractions that you are likely to face when you play games without wearing the headphones.

Besides that, today’s best gaming headset also features a powerful mic that lets you communicate with your teammates, concoct strategies,and implement them. These mics offer loud, and clear communication and every message is delivered in a clear sound. Go with the headset that features 50mm audio drivers. Apart from that, a quality gaming headset will offer every bit of comfort and you can actually wear it for a long time.

For someone who likes natural and loud voice, they can opt for open-back headphones since these devices are used by professional artists along with gamers. On the other hand, if you want to focus on games only, it is a good idea to go with Closed back gaming Headset.

The next thing to figure out is to choose between wireless and wired gaming headset. Wireless headsets give you the flexibility to play games from a certain distance and the connection is strong and reliable. On the other hand, wired gaming headsets have their own advantages like better voice and other things.

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5. Gaming Mouse


Your gaming rig is definitely not complete without the presence of a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse has advantages over a normal mouse and gives you an edge when it comes to performance.

These gaming mice features optical sensors and comes with incredible polling speed. Besides this, gamers can customize the buttons of these gaming mice according to their own comfort. Many brands have started to manufacture gaming mouse that is Ambi-dexterous that favors both left-handed and right-handed gamers. These gaming mice can bring a significant difference in your gaming session and improve your performance.

Another good thing about these gaming mice is their durability. These devices can endure millions of clicks during their lifespan which means they are not going away anytime soon. What else to look forward to in a gaming mouse is the RGB lighting that will create the atmosphere to indulge in a prolonged gaming session.

Today’s best gaming mouse comes at different price tags which means finding the right gaming mouse is easy while keeping your budget intact. You can find an unbelievable range of gaming mice under $50.

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6. Gaming Keyboard


Just like Gaming Mouse, Gaming Keyboard’s significance can’t be overlooked. Gaming keyboards are designed for ultimate gaming performance. These gaming keyboards feature mechanical switches and for that reason, these gaming keyboards are quiet and silent to offer you a tactical feel. Besides that, the need of having a keyboard becomes inevitable when you want to execute multiple commands with utmost precision. These gaming keyboards register each keystroke without any fail and offer you an edge in the competitive gaming session.

When it comes to design, you can choose from a standard gaming keyboard layout or one with a tenkeyless design which is of course a space-saver of your gaming desk. Also, it’s important to think about whether you want a wireless gaming keyboard or wired keyboard. You can truly rely upon a wireless gaming keyboard since the Bluetooth connectivity is strong and powerful. Some gaming keyboards feature dedicated multimedia keys and macros buttons to create a profile. If that were not enough treat, you can stash them in your backpacks for on-go-gaming.

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7. Gaming Controller


Having a gaming controller means you have the leeway to spend some time off your couch and still be managing your games. So, grab a gaming controller and explore the new world of entertainment. A gaming controller also remains key equipment while you are setting up your gaming rig.

While some of the best gaming controllers might be a bit expensive, they have got the little extras you will need to gain an edge over your rivals. A gaming controller offers a relaxing gaming experience and is quite comfortable to handle. Today’s best gaming controllers are quite lightweight and also offer a tactile feel. So, if you have made up your mind, having a gaming controller could be worth the investment. If you have got the extra cash to splurge, it is a good idea to have a gaming controller in your gaming arsenal.

8. Microphone

If you are a serious gamer or someone who streams games on Twitch or on Youtube, you might be looking for a microphone that can deliver Crystal clear voice while removing background noise. Modern microphones come with different polar patterns that really help in recording/streaming noise-free voice. There is a lot of microphones available in the market. Most of them are USB microphones and are ready for plug-and-play. If you want to connect an external guitar or any other musical instrument, you can get a microphone with a 1/4 inch port, else a USB is good enough for voice.

You can check our recommendations for the best gaming microphone where you will find some of the best options in every price bracket. For the plug and play option, consider getting a USB microphone for gaming.

9. Gaming Chairs

A gaming chair is an important aspect of any gaming desk. Investing in a good gaming chair is not a harm. The ergonomic design gives the proper support to your back and helps in keeping the right posture of the body. When you lose track of time, a gaming chair is what really supports you. Here are some of the best gaming chairs you should be using for your gaming desk:

Setup Gaming Desk from Scratch: Wrap Up

All in all, these are some of the essential things you will need to create a gaming desk from scratch. Besides this, there are some other things that you can consider grabbing for yourself such as finding the right PC for gaming, speakers, and setting up lighting to create the ambiance needed for playing games. However, these things are optional and secondary. So, if you are missing out on anything, make sure to add them to your arsenal.

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