Gaming Chairs Vs Office Chairs: Which is Best?


If you spend countless hours sitting on a chair, playing games, coding, or any other work, it becomes important for you to look for a chair that can deliver sheer comfort for prolonged usage and also keep the correct body posture. Chairs have undergone significant changes and today’s best gaming chairs come with interesting features to add more to your comfort. 

Studies have revealed that sitting in the same posture for a prolonged time can result in severe body ache. If the chair does not feature any ergonomic design, it might take a toll on your health. Today, working from home has become a new norm and as professionals, we are spending more time sitting on chairs with our laptops. Sitting in this fixed position can lead to tension, headache and also impacts our neck. With that said, it becomes inevitable to grab a chair that can offer more convenience to you.

But if you are confused about Gaming chairs and office chairs, this buying guide is for you. Both the chair has their own pros and cons but for long sitting hours, get something that is ergonomically designed.

Gaming Chairs  Vs Office Chairs: Quick Comparison

If you are finding yourself in the dilemma, we have compared the differences between Gaming Chair and Office Chairs to offer you a better insight into it. Our comparison between Gaming Chairs and Office Chairs will impart knowledge and help you make the right choice if you’re looking for a chair. If you find yourself confused, read the things you should consider before buying a gaming chair.

  • Comfort – If you are planning to spend countless hours sitting on a chair, the first thing that should be on your mind is to look for a chair that delivers supreme comfort and also support the body’s ergonomics. Gaming chairs offer supreme comfort when you compare them to office chairs. Office Chairs are also ideal to use only if you are planning to use them for a while. Spending hours sitting on an office chair can be problematic because of the lack of adjustments. On the other hand, to add more to your comfort, Gaming Chairs can be adjusted easily. When it comes to “Comfort”, gaming chairs should be on your radar. You can easily use the recliner adjustment to keep the back at the best comfort. Along with that, you also get lumbar support, headrest, footrest, the armrest in a gaming chair. 
  • Reclining –  Office Chairs lack the ability to recline. If you want to take a break from working, you need a chair that can be reclined. However, most of the office chairs lack this feature. On the other hand, gaming chairs come with a reclining feature. Depending upon the convenience of users, the chair can be reclined to 180 degrees. Having a chair that can be reclined relieves stress, and pain and allows you to take rest if you have been working for so long.
  • Adjustability – Gaming chairs are highly adjustable which is the reason why these chairs are becoming so popular among people. On the other hand, if we talk about office chairs, you can only adjust the height of the chair which is the simplest change you can make. On the other hand, Gaming chairs are so flexible and adjustable that you can even adjust the back seat of the chair, height of the chair, armrest, and whatnot. Also, in some gaming chairs, you will find a retractable footrest to comfort your legs. Office chairs have fixed backseats and fixed armrests that give us no option to make adjustments.
  • Accessories & Extra Features – Another factor where the Gaming Chair differs from the office chair is the inclusion of accessories. Most office chairs do not feature any sort of accessory and that’s where Gaming Chairs take a lead. Today’s best gaming chairs feature a built-in Massager, removable headrest, lumbar support, cushion, and more. In addition to that, there are gaming chairs that feature built-in-speakers you can listen to your favorite music while working or relaxing. Also, the built-in cup holder is an interesting feature that these gaming chairs come with.
  • Visual Appeal – Office chairs feature a simple, understated, and minimalist design which means that these office chairs are designed in a way that will easily blend in any room. Most of the office chairs come in shades of black and grey that look sober. On the other hand, gaming chairs come in vibrant colors and feature a comfy design that surely stands out when you keep it in any room. You can even get a pink gaming chair which is in great demand. The bold style and the combination of different hues make gaming chairs vibrant.

Which is best Chair for Gaming: Conclusion

Well, if you were to ask us which one chair you should be buying, unarguably, our answer would be gaming chairs. Gaming Chairs are designed in a way that they offer supreme comfort to users no matter what they are doing. Also, the fact that gaming chairs can be tweaked according to the user’s convenience is another added benefit that you will get. However, when it comes to price, Gaming Chairs are generally a little more expensive than office chairs which is why you should be thoughtful of your budget if you are planning to buy a new chair. Well, if the budget is not a constraint, go with gaming chairs. You will never regret it and your body is going to love it.

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