What is the Best Monitor Size for Gaming?

So you got a new gaming console or maybe a gaming PC and you might be looking for a brand new Gaming monitor. Gaming Monitor plays a crucial role when it comes to a high-quality gaming experience as well as performance. There are so many gaming monitors available in the market with different sizes, panels, resolutions. Before you choose any of them, there is one question that always strikes the mind and that is what is the best monitor size for gaming?

Well, there is no right or wrong answer to that. It all depends on personal preference, space available, and budget, and some other factors that we are going to discuss below:

Things to Consider Before Choosing Best Size for Gaming Monitor:

Here are a few things you should be checking before you pick an ideal size for a gaming monitor:

1. Available Space


This is a crucial thing before everything. We don’t need a gaming monitor that harm our eyes and its vision. A big size gaming monitor or TV in a small or in an average-sized room can harm your eyes. Moreover, you will find it hard to enjoy the content over that screen. That is why, before you pick an ideals size for gaming monitor, make sure you are considering the space you have.

2. Resolution

The bigger the resolution, the better the image, is the wrong way to take screen resolution and size into consideration. Ask yourself a few questions. Are you going to play 4K or 1440p games? Do you have the hardware to run 4K games? Are you good with Full HD 1080p gaming?

If you are going to play 4K games, you can consider a 32′ or 34′ display while taking available space into consideration. On the other hand, for 1440p resolution, the 27′ is the best size for a gaming monitor. The Full HD 27′ inch and 4K 27′, both will ruin your experience in different manners.

3. Personal Preferences

We don’t manipulate personal preferences here. But if you want a big size display, get a 32′ inch or even bigger display with a 4K resolution. Don’t get big display with 1440p or 1080p resolution. If you have less space, don’t go for a bigger resolution with a small display. A 27′ 4K display will make things too much sharp.

To give you the right idea on the best monitor size for gaming, we have come across this buying guide that will help you in deciding the best size for a gaming monitor. To begin with, we will first talk about the popular gaming monitor sizes which are available in the market.

Different Sizes of Gaming Monitor:

Before we begin, you should be aware of the different sizes of the monitor that are available in the market. It will give you an idea and gives you an extensive choice that you can pick for your gaming setup.

24′ Gaming Monitor

This is a popular size of the gaming monitor that is preferred by many gamers. The 24′ Gaming Monitor gives you a good field of vision with good image quality. Also, these sizes of monitors come with an affordable price tag and occupy less space than other gaming monitors. Most of the 24′ gaming monitor comes with Full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution that gives you a good gaming experience.

27′ Gaming Monitor

While 24′ size is getting outdated, 27′ is getting popular and preferred over 24′ monitor. The 27′ size is an ideal size for gaming and you get an immersive gaming experience. Everything looks pretty clear and you do enjoy the gaming on 27-inch size monitors. Most of the 27′ gaming monitors come with a 1440p resolution, a popular resolution among PC gamers. This resolution gives a crispy, sharp image on a 27′ display. Check out the best 1440p gaming monitors you can buy.

32′ Gaming Monitor

The 32′ Gaming monitor is more like a gaming TV. It is a quite big size for a gaming monitor and to place on a gaming desk. Most of the best 32-inch gaming monitor comes with 4K resolution, 1440p resolution and you will definitely enjoy the crispy, sharp image on such a big display. But, if you don’t have enough space or you are using it in a small room on a desk or from less distance, you might feel eye strain and get uncomfortable after a certain period of time. This size is good for wireless gaming setup while the monitor has placed at a distance of ~2ft to 2.5 ft.

What is best Monitor Size for You?

By now, you must get the idea of different sizes of monitors and what is ideal for your gaming setup but if not, here we are going to give you the best size for the gaming monitor you should get.

24′ inch, Full HD 1920x1080p, 3ft. Distance

So if the space between your eyes and monitor is somewhere around 3ft. and you are okay with Full HD 1080p resolution gaming, go for a 24′ gaming monitor. This size of a gaming monitor will give you the best gaming experience without hurting your eyes. A 27′ inch Full HD resolution will burst pixels and will ruin the crispness and sharpness of the image.

The 24′ size is also doesn’t occupy much space of your desk. Also, it comes with an affordable price tag.

27′ inch, QHD 1440p, 2.5 ft. Distance

Here is the most preferred combination of size, distance, and resolution. If you are looking for a gaming monitor for Xbox Series X or for PC gaming, this is good for you. If you don’t have a 2.5ft distance, it might hurt the eyes otherwise you are good to go. A 27 inch 1440p gaming monitor is best for most of the games. It gives you a crispy, sharp image.

The 27 inch is an ideal size but don’t ruin it for 4K resolution. The 4K resolution on the 27-inch monitor will give you fuzzy text and you will also find it hard to read numbers and letters, even subtitles. In the same manner, a 27′ inch monitor with 1080p resolution will burst out the pixels which are not desirable at all that will show you a pixelated image.

32′ inch, UHD 4K, 2.2ft. Distance

This is for those who want a 4K gaming monitor for PS5. A 32-inch 4K gaming monitor goes well for PC as well as console gaming. But for placing a 32-inch gaming monitor, you need some extra space on your desk. If you have enough space and distance between the eyes and screen, you can definitely opt for a 32′ inch gaming monitor.

If you don’t have desk space for a 32-inch gaming monitor, make sure you get VESA Wall Mount compatible gaming monitor so that you can install the monitor on the wall. Also, don’t get 32′ 1440p or 1080p resolution. It will ruin the experience by pixelating the resolution.

Best Size for Gaming Monitor – Our Take

By now, you must have got the idea of the best size for a gaming monitor. There is no rocket science in selecting the best size for a gaming monitor. Just make sure you don’t get anything that over-sharpen the display or burst out the pixels. The 24′ inch gaming monitor is ideal for Full HD resolution, 27′ inch is suitable for 1440p resolution and bigger displays are good for 4K UHD resolution.

If you want even bigger displays, better get a TV that comes with a 55′, 65-inch display and it will definitely be going to give you an immersive gaming experience. Also do check the technical specification of the monitor. The specs will help you in providing a better gaming experience. Look for response time, refresh rate, panel. Higher response time will lead to ghosting and then you have to activate Overdrive settings which sometimes ruin the performance of the monitor.

What is your take on the best size for a gaming monitor? Do let us know in the comment section below. You can also check our lists of best gaming monitors:



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