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What is Overdrive Means in a Gaming?

When it comes to gaming, ghosting can ruin your gaming experience. The problem of ghosting is a common occurrence while you are playing fast-paced games. Well, if you have also witnessed blurred images while playing games, you need to address … Read more

How to start a Gaming Channel on Youtube

For gamers, nothing would match the lifestyle of playing games and making a living out of the same. Streaming, as you would have heard, is the new trend in the world of gaming where the gamers interact with the audience … Read more

11 Best Gaming Laptop under 1000 in 2021

The prices of Gaming Laptops can get skyrocketing and with that said, the gaming peripheral you need will further augment the cost making gaming an expensive hobby rather than a source of enjoyment. Finding a cheap gaming laptop is not … Read more

What Is Motion Blur In Gaming?

The world of gaming is witnessing new technologies being emerged. The only purpose of this modern gaming technology is to improve your overall experience and make games better and realistic. With that said, Motion Blur Technology is the newest technology … Read more

How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming?

Random Access Memory, often regarded as “RAM” is the Volatile memory of your computer. The basic function of RAM is to store the data temporarily so that you get less processing and fast performance. While HDD is permanent memory, RAM … Read more

What is Ray-Tracing in Gaming?

Graphics are the soul of gaming. The power to offer imagination, influence gamers, invoke emotion – the importance of the beauty of the graphics can’t be overlooked. If the graphics are realistic, it offers an immersive experience to gamers. Modern … Read more

How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming?

When it comes to performance, Windows 10 offers buttery-smooth performance, supporting Xbox Streaming, native and retro gaming titles as well. Also, Windows 10 comes with a dedicated gaming mode that allows gamers to enhance their performance. According to a report … Read more

Gaming Chairs Vs Office Chairs: Which is Best?

If you spend countless hours sitting on a chair, playing games, coding, or any other work, it becomes important for you to look for a chair that can deliver sheer comfort for prolonged usage and also keep the correct body … Read more