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11 Best White Gaming Mouse in 2020


Add a splash of colors to your workplace with the best white gaming mouse that will complement your style and blend with any interior. For those who are big fans of a white hue, we have unveiled some of the … Read more

8 Best White Gaming Headset in 2020


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6 Best Mini PC For Gaming in 2020


Gaming Desktops used to be synonyms with the big and giant towers. However, 21st Century Technology has completely revamped its structure. The Big Desktop PC now comes in a space-saver and compact design but they still possess the same power. … Read more

How to Change Refresh Rate of a Monitor?


Monitors are getting powerful and powerful with each day passing by.  Well, if you have ever started looking out for a monitor, you would have come across “Refresh Rate”. Probably, you would have heard some people saying the more the … Read more

11 Best Open back Headphones for Gaming in 2020


Most of the gamers use closed-back headphones for gaming but if you are someone who likes more natural, clear directional sound in gaming and wanted to use the best open-back headphones for gaming, we got you covered. We have some … Read more

10 Best Gaming Monitor For Xbox One X


Probably, you would have the best gaming headset or the best speakers or the best controllers. If the best gaming monitor for Xbox One X is not in your arsenal, you are definitely missing out on a truly immersive experience. … Read more

11 Best Gaming Monitor for PS5 in 2020


Finally, Sony’s latest console, PS5, is out now and we are all set to have the best time ever. With that said, now is the time to start hunting for the best gaming monitor for PS5 if you are planning … Read more

12 Best Gaming Headset Under 100 in 2020


A good pair of the gaming headset is the dream of every gamer. A gaming headset not only adds persona to the gamer’s gaming desk but also delivers each and every minor detail of sound. For that slightest sound detail, … Read more