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Welcome to X2 Games – the house of best gaming monitors, gaming keyboard, gaming mouse & gaming headphones. X2 Games provides the product comparison tables and lists of best gaming products that can make your gaming experience better. We do extensive product research by thoroughly examining the specs and features of gaming products and then provide you a clutter-free list of best gaming products that you can buy with confidence & that too in your budget.


No matter if you are a beginner or semi-pro or a pro gamer. On X2 Games, you will always find a product for you. With mere a glance of our lists, you will get the idea of your next purchase. So, if you are looking to buy gaming headphones, gaming monitors, gaming keyboards, or gaming mice, you are in the right place. X2 Games has all the best lists of gaming products.

How we Scrutinise Gaming Products?

It all starts with the users’ queries and needs. Once we get the query, we go deeper into the search of the product that suits best for the users’ needs. After that, we compose everything as per the product specifications and features. Price is always a criterion in our research. It is easy to buy anything with thousands of dollars in the pocket but the real challenge is to buy the best product within a limited buying capacity.

Once we have the products with us, we select the Top 3 Products among them and you will always see those 3 products recommendation at the beginning of every Best list blog posts. Those 3 products are more relevant to the users’ query.

We have a team of awesome people who does all the research work for you and then finally compose all the pros and cons of the product that makes the user’s buying decision easy.

Products You Can Buy With Confidence

If you are not confident for the product, you should not buy that. X2 Games have dedicated people who are getting paid only to search best products for our readers. We create list of best gaming products on the basis of customer’s feedback, pro, cons, specifications and features of the product. The one that is close to the user’s need is added in the list.

Also, we don’t consider products from just another brand. We take the Tier-1 brands into consideration because experience & product quality matters to us. We want you to come back whenever you need a gaming product. You can buy our recommended products with confidence.

If you want any other product (that we might miss) to get featured on the best product lists, you can always contact us to suggest. Suggestions are always open.

Note: X2.games was an expired domain that is acquired by us now from Domain Registrar. There is no negative or bad intensions/purpose of using this domain. We only add information regarding Gaming Monitors, Keyboards, Headsets & Mouse. We have nothing to do with the people who used to own this domain. We are not affiliated or associated with them in any manner.



Rex Mcarthur

Rex is a retired professional gamer that hasn’t lost the passion for gaming gear and computer hardware. Rex is a keen gamer and computer enthusiast who loves nothing more than sharing his top recommendations for gaming gear and hardware. Rex’s reviews and recommendations are unbiased, non affiliated and comes from an expert with decades of gaming experience.

If you want to know more about rex you can find everything at his about page, and if you wish to contact Rex feel free on X2.games contact page.