We use powerful new technologies to create games that challenge traditional game design. Our philosophy is that if you bring great minds together and empower them with technology, that the potential for new experiences is limitless.



Created by Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari) along with Hollywood VFX wizard Zai Ortiz, our creative publishing studio develops innovative gaming content that seeks to push the limits of how we think of gaming, as it merges with other technologies and art-forms. From the rise of the smart-speaker gaming, to the advent of blockchain, and the awesome advances in augmented and virtual reality, games are now on the precipice of the next big revolution. The one that’s destined to redefine the medium from the ground up. And we’re going to help define it.

Our games seek to find meaningful common ground between tried-and-true mechanics and next-gen experimental content. They’re immersive, emotive experiences that are designed to connect broadly. To resonate with mass audiences beyond just the addictive gameplay.

Above all else? They’re really, really fun.

Created by Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s, together with Zai Ortiz, a legendary Hollywood VFX expert, our creative publishing studio creates and fosters innovative gaming content in an effort to advance gaming’s relationship with technology. From the rise of the mobile marketplace, to the advent of blockchain, and awesome advances in computer vision, augmented and virtual reality, games are on the precipice of becoming a bigger behemoth then they already are.

Our games seek to find meaningful common ground between traditional and experimental content. And by putting fun first, our games appeal to casual and hardcore gamers alike.


Take on the role of a hard-boiled noir detective in the world’s first voice-controlled murder mystery board game! Powered by Amazon Alexa, St. Noire is a unique, immersive game experience that challenges you to solve a murder in a mysterious small town where everyone’s a suspect. In order to crack the case, you’ll need to question a rogues’ gallery of fully-voiced characters, search for clues around town, and use all your deductive reasoning to suss out who’s lying to you – and unmask the killer! St. Noire is available for pre-order March 18th 2019 – with a wide release exclusively on Amazon June 2019.


  • Stories that connect with audiences emotionally and viscerally
  • World-building through immersive sound design and top-tier voice acting
  • Gamification Theory – gamifying existing platforms and media to create new experiences


  • Pioneering voice-controlled gaming
  • Alexa, VR, MR, AR and beyond
  • Playable, choice-based, Interactive TV content
  • Taking current-gen hardware to its limits with unique, original game play mechanics


  • Iconic visuals and art styles
  • A distinct, creative signature
  • High fidelity graphic design
  • 2D and 3D animation

Core belief


It sounds deceptively straightforward – but this is the surprisingly radical notion we used to describe the kind of games company we want to be. One that puts its people – artists, engineers, designers - front and center. We thought to ourselves: “What if you put together a games company the way you’d put together a professional sports team?” In this model, the sole mission of the founders and management would be to acquire the best talent FOR EVERY SINGLE POSITION, create the best possible environment for them, and then get out of the way.

We pride ourselves at X2 in being a games company where talent speaks louder than seniority, where new ideas win out over conventional wisdom and where every member of our team has the freedom to pursue that gold nugget of an idea that they believe in. And that just might become the next big thing.


We’ve found that the best quality work comes from small teams in which every single member is passionate about what they do. Often times when teams become bigger, processes, bureaucracy and even politics emerge, and the work just isn’t fun anymore.

That’s why we wanted to create an organizational model made up of very small teams, or “X - Labs” as we call them. X2 is a collection of these labs. Each game comes from a distinct X - Lab, and they all operate extremely independently and have complete control over their own road-map. Our organizational model is optimized for speed and passion, not for control.


Our project at X2 is to create games people will play for years. Games that almost everyone could get into because they commit fully to the one thing that makes people come back for more: the game play. But we also believe there is an immense power in the social aspect of gaming. Sharing an amazing game session with friends is one of the most rewarding things you can experience, because the game lets you connect with them in ways you normally wouldn’t - and that other media doesn’t allow. So to us, the shared, social component of game play isn’t just some afterthought or separate ‘game mode’. It is the game play.



Executive Chairman, CEO and Founder

In 1972, Nolan Bushnell created an industry when he founded Atari and gave the world Pong, the first block-buster video game. Today, his design credo: games should be easy to learn and hard to master, inspires a new generation of developers.

A prolific entrepreneur and considered the Godfather of the Video Game, Nolan has started more than 20 companies, including Catalyst Technologies, the first Silicon Valley incubator, Etak, the first in-car navigation system, Atari, and Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater. In the process, he pioneered many of the workplace innovations that have made Silicon Valley a magnet for creative talent and world-changing phenomena.

In 2009, the British Academy of Film and Television awarded Nolan with the Academy Fellowship in recognition of his outstanding achievement as a founding father of the video games industry. Nolan was featured in the documentaries Something Ventured and Atari: Game Over. A true icon of the digital revolution, Nolan was named one of Newsweek’s “50 People Who Changed America”.


President, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder

Zai Ortiz is a Hollywood creative director, 3D visionary, and now the President and Chief Creative Officer of X2 Games. His partnership with Nolan Bushnell follows his success with DarkMatter, a design and visual communication studio. A few of DarkMatter’s recent projects and clients include Bethesda’s massively popular game The Elder Scrolls - Legends, Hasbro, Warner Bros and Radical Studios.

Perhaps Ortiz’s most famous and recognizable work is his creation of the J.A.R.V.I.S. system holograms in Marvel’s Iron Man. The stylized hologram and accompanying UI have since become a visual hallmark of Marvel movies, and heavily influenced the designers of the next generation of UI.

Ortiz apprenticed directly with the developers of Alias Wavefront, the makers of Maya - Hollywood’s most widely used 3D modeling and animation suite. Zai’s ability to bridge artistic storytelling with technical innovations has defined his career. He has supervised teams of 50+ artists to deliver stunning visuals for films such as TRON: Legacy, Mission: Impossible, Thor, The Twilight Saga, and Sherlock Holmes. His work has exhilarated billions of viewers and has inspired a new generation of artists.

Ortiz’s creative virtuosity coupled with Nolan’s game mastery promises to give gamers around the world a cinematic experience unlike anything they’ve seen before. “We’re not here to just make games,” Ortiz says of the new company. “We’re here to envision the future - from both a visual and technological standpoint - and pave the way for others to follow.”


Chief Financial Officer

Ozan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the X2 team as an investment banker with in-depth capital markets knowledge. He specializes in helping companies define their corporate strategy, then develop and execute corporate transactions to achieve their goals.

His diverse set of expertise in the life sciences and technology industries with a focus on finance, allows Ozan to build compelling financial strategies for corporations. Throughout his career, Ozan has advised numerous private and public companies on M&A initiatives and was the lead banker on more than 40 financings, where he became an expert at working with complex structures, financial analysis, and deal documentation.

He was most recently Vice President, Investment Banking, at Echelon Partners, and was in charge of Origination mandates, focusing on small and mid-cap issuers. Ozan has an Economics and Finance degree from McGill University and is a CFA Charter-holder.


Theo van der Linde is Chartered Accountant with 20 years’ extensive experience in finance, reporting, regulatory requirements, public company administration, equity markets and financing of publicly traded companies. He has served as a CFO & Director for a number of TSX Venture Exchange and Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) listed companies over the past several years. Industry experience include financial services, manufacturing, Oil & gas, mining and retail industries. More recently, Mr. van der Linde has been involved with future use trends of natural resources as well as other disruptive technologies. He has worked and is currently working on projects in South Africa, West-Africa, East-Africa, Peru, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, the United States and Norway.

Akemi Abe

Finisher & Composer

Craig Christian

Darlene Jones

Head of Human Resources & Operations

Kevin Leekley

Game Engineer

Kim Vongbunyong

Kyuta Sato

Graphic Designer

Thomas Hefferon

Latest News

March 20, 2019

Exclusive Demo of St. Noire with Amazon at GDC

Visit X2 Games at the Amazon Game Tech booth #S627 at GDC for a special live demo of St. Noire

March 18, 2019

Zai Ortiz and Amazon Talk the Future of Gaming at GDC

Zai Ortiz speaks at Game Tech with Amazon about the evolution from GUI to VUI in the future of gaming

March 15, 2019

X2 Games Brings the Future of Gameplay to SXSW

X2 Games Brings the Future of Gameplay to SXSW

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Exchange Division

The exchange division is focused on what is known as the “Internet of Value” (IoV), or the methodologies of transacting assets on a decentralized basis, similar to the way in which the Internet transacts information. Decentralized value transfer technologies such as blockchain create countless new possibilities in all areas of commerce. This division has exchange projects that span a wide range of different types of value transfer,introducing IoV to many industries, regions, and asset classes.


Security token exchange, enabling tokenized securities to be traded in the same manner as stocks.


Decentralized crypto asset trading platform, including support for crowd sales and corporate currencies.

Dubai Subsidiary

Licensed in Dubai’s DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) free trade zone, with development for a trade finance system underway.

Middle Eastern Exchange

The division is in the process of building a crypto asset exchange for institutional traders, backed by a major state actor.


An autonomous marketplace for enterprise users to buy and sell excess computing capacity, taking an Air BnB-style approach.



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