Best Gaming Peripherals Buying Guide 2020


There are a lot of gaming gizmos a gamer craves to have on his gaming desk. To be honest, you are not alone. Gamers are on the constant search to buy the best gaming Keyboards, gaming mouse, gaming monitors, gaming headphones, gaming chairs, gaming laptops, gaming desks, and what not but failed to choose the best one. Especially if you are a beginner and don’t have a luxurious budget. Things get even more confusing when every brand brags about their tech and every specs and feature looks similar to you.

On X2 Games, you will find the best gaming peripherals buying guides where we cover all the specs and features that really matter to make your gaming experience better. We are going to provide you the finest and clutter-free lists of best gaming peripherals you can buy for your dream gaming desk. We have meticulously scoured the online markets to find the gaming product that is best for you in your buying capacity.

What We Have for you on X2 Games?

On X2 Games, we do extensive research and then provide you the lists of best gaming products that you can buy with confidence. If you don’t know all that much about the product’s features and specifications and what really can affect all over gaming experience, we are going to help you in finding your best gaming product that too in your budget. We will do all the research parts for you. Here are the products you will find on X2 Games:

Gaming Monitors

Doesn’t matter which genre of game you love to play, Monitor is always a crucial part of gaming experience. There are hundreds of gaming monitors available in the market and that’s where people like you and me got confused. X2 Games will provide you the lists of best Gaming monitors of a different category, type, Brand, size, and price with all the features and specifications that will help you in sorting out the best gaming monitor for you in your buying capacity.

We have monitors with the best refresh rate, best-curved monitors, monitors that have the best panel, 4K monitors, budget-friendly monitors, and whatnot.

Below are our best Gaming Monitor buying guides:

Gaming Keyboards

Buying a gaming keyboard is tricky. There are mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards. No one uses membrane keyboards for gaming and if you are using it, switch it right away. Now mechanical keyboards have different types like Tenkeyless mechanical keyboard which are also known as 75% keyboard and there are 60% keyboards. SteelSeries has its own technology to minimize the actuation point while Razer has its own. Everyone claims their products as the best in the market. In all that, finding the best gaming keyboard for you becomes a little bit of pain.

So to make things easy for you, we will do all the research and will give you the best recommendation for a gaming keyboard. There are gaming keyboards for pro gamers as well as for semi-pro and even for beginners. Also, pricing is not an issue in the current market.

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Gaming Mouse

A legit gamer will never use the trackpad for gaming, even if he/she wants, they simply cannot handle the complexity of the game using that. A gaming mouse gives you the precision and the experience that you will never get with a trackpad. If you are thinking about using a traditional office mouse with 2-buttons and a wheel, you are missing a lot. A gaming mouse comes with more than just 3 buttons and guess what, you can modify the button’s function as per your requirements.

Don’t worry, a gaming mouse doesn’t leave the hole in your pocket. There are gaming mice for everyone and you can easily get the option to buy it for as low as under $50. If you are looking to buy a gaming mouse for you, we have a couple of great options that you can consider buying it to handle the complexity of games like Apex Legends.

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Gaming Headsets

From the past 5-7 years, the gaming industry has evolved a lot. The game graphics, game mechanics, storylines improved a lot. One more thing that improved a lot is the Sound effects. The slightest sound of footsteps can decide the victory or defeat. The surround sound made the virtual world alive. Not only that, but the sound effects in the game can also help you in making a strategical plan against your enemy. Moreover, team chats can do wonders if you know teamwork. To hear that slightest sound details, gaming headphones will definitely help you.

If you want to dissolve into the sound of your favorite game, you surely need a gaming headphone that can process every sound of the gameplay. Again, you might be thinking about the hefty pricing that comes with gaming headphones. It’s not like that. You can get gaming headphones for as low as for $50. You just need to look for the specs and features and we are already doing that for you. After meticulously scouring the internet, we have reached a point where we can easily suggest you the best pair of gaming headphones as per your need and budget.

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Wrapping Up

X2 Games will make buying decisions easier for you. We have a team of people who are avid gamers and using gaming tech every day. We know what you want and we will try our best to introduce the latest gaming headphones, monitors, mouse, and keyboards with you. Not only that, but we will also provide you the well-researched lists of best gaming products with all the specs and features that really matter for making your gaming experience smooth and delightful.